Open Democracy Foundation

opendf looks towards bring positive changes in the way governments work and making them open.


Join the discussions and help brainstorm innovative ideas that address problems faced by governments. opendf hopes to create a sandbox where solutions for complex problems can be designed and implemented.

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As an organization we are dedicated to figuring out technological solutions to complex problems. Help us research these solutions by figuring out loopholes, suggesting improvements, testing and giveing feedback on the tools we build.

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Take part in the open source projects. We tackle complex problems and those require inputs from people coming from all walks of life. If you're not sure how you can help, let us know we will find a place for you.

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opendf aims to exploit the advances made in social engineering and computer sciences to solve some of the biggest problems in today's governments. We believe that democracy is one of the best models of governance that exists and hope to build systems and tools that help realize a democracy's full potential. We aim to build tools that transcend geographical, economic boundaries and governments around the world solve some of their major problems.

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