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Schools and Universities provide the best environment where individuals can come together and brianstorm solutions to the toughest problems. If you're a student interested in our activities write to us and help us build an active community by becoming a student ambassidor and kickstart the changes in your community.


If you love to code, researching on similar technologies or are interested in contributing to projects that aim to change the way the world operates. Check out our active projects on our Github Repositories. As opendf projects focus on research and technology, we encourage researchers and coder alike to participate and step up to roles that give these open source project direction.


opendf's projects are built to empower every citizen to interact more effectively on the government. By taking part in the testing, brainstorming and the community design you can help accelerate the development of the projects. You can otherwise help us by becoming a community leader to help us spread the word and build up the klout we need to help bring our projects into the real world.


NGO's have an unique perspective of various social issues because of thier experience in working to solve these issues. opendf aims to work with NGO's to exchange knowledge and build strong beneficial partnerships. Write to us and let us know.


We invite all governments which are for the people, by the people and the people to come and help us distill ideas and develop technologies that will enable us to make the world a better place. Write to us and we can figure out how to collaborate.